About The Competition

The Intel Business Challenge (IBC-MENA) is the gateway to Intel® Global Challenge, a joint project of Intel® Corporation and the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley organized since 2005 , brings together the best engineers and scientists from around the world to present how they plan to make the world a better place through their innovations and entrepreneurial skills
IBC-MENA 2014 will provide free educational online resources for all participants – those applying online and those that are shortlisted by partner competitions- to help build their business model. The business model and a video of the project need to be submitted by all online participants and by the shortlisted winners of partner competitions – to be eligible to participate in the final MENA award ceremony that will be held in Bahrain in partnership with UNIDO and the Mena Centre of Investment. Registration for this year is closed. Stay tuned for updates on the challenge and the winners.

A summary of the key milestones:
Phase I: Short-listing the top 22 MENA participants (June 20 – August 8, 2014)
- Online submissions from participants based in (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Yemen or Kuwait).
- Partner competitions from other countries conclude their shortlisted candidates and announce them
Phase II: Onsite workshop and awards ceremony with UNIDO in Bahrain ( August 31 – September 3, 2014)
The top 22 shortlisted participants will be invited to Bahrain to participate in extensive training and coaching sessions. An awards ceremony will be held to identify and reward the top 4 winners who will win financial prizes of the values of $7500, $5000, $2500 and $1000 respectively for first, second, third and fourth place winners
Phase III: International Competition with UC Berkley in Silicon Valley (November 3-6, 2014)
The top 4 winners will get the opportunity to compete at the Intel Global Challenge at UC Berkley in the Silicon Valley for a chance to win up to $50,000.
Congratulations for the top 4 winners who were announced during the Award Ceremony that took place in Bahrain – Manama, on Sep. 3, 2014.

Those young entrepreneurs will join the winners from around the world and compete at Intel® Global Challenge in Silicon Valley in November 2014.

The winner projects are:

1st Runner up: Vound project from the United Arab Emirates
2nd Runner up: Stamina- Momkin project from the Kingdom of Bahrain
3rd Runner up: Plaze project from Lebanon
4th Runner up: IES- Intelligent Educational System project from Egypt

Finalists from the MENA region

Project Name Country
iTEST Algeria
Stamina Bahrain
The Phoenix Portal Bahrain
IES (Intelligent Educational system) Egypt
QEYE Egypt
AccessnY Egypt
SSD Jordan
LensEnergy Jordan
ABJAD: Deaf Mute Interactive Tool Jordan
Hawee KSA
Nations Bazaar KSA
Intravides KSA
Project Name Country
Plaze Lebanon
Ashabona Lebanon
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Morocco
RFID Based Parking Management System Morocco
Together We Make Power Morocco
Rahhal Palestine
ANAMEL Palestine
HeatTo Qatar
Grant FIT Tunis
Vound Project UAE

Accepted types of ideas

Computing everywhere

The team that has the greatest opportunity to create a scalable business that leverages disruptive computing innovations including cloud, internet computing, big data, high speed mobile connectivity, machine learning, artificial intelligence, mobile platforms, or advanced sensors

Technology for Good

The team that has the greatest opportunity to create a sustainable business model that leverages computing with positive financial returns, as well as a significant impact on systemic social challenges in sectors including agriculture, education, energy, financial services, the environment, health, housing, or water

Products of the future

The team that has the greatest opportunity to create a scalable business that leverages hardware including wireless, embedded, or perceptual computing. While the scope of technology innovation is not restricted to the above, businesses must have a strong computing technology focus in order to compete

Depending on the country of residency, applicants have applied either online on this website (if they are based in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Yemen or Kuwait) or locally through partner competitions in their respective MENA countries below.
Registration for all countries is now closed.

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<span style='font-size: 14px;'><b>Mr.   Afif Barhoumi</b></span>
Mr. Afif Barhoumi
Current Company: UNIDO

Mr. Barhoumi, has a rich experience of more than 19 years in the field of entrepreneurship, MSME development and Investment promotion. Earlier, he joined UNIDO-ITPO Italy and was posted in Lebanon as a national consultant covering Lebanon, Syria and Jordan in the framework of the project “Preparatory Assistance for Supporting SMEs in the Arab Region”.
He also worked for the UNIDO-ITPO Bahrain acting as an Investment Promotion Expert and the Program Coordinator for the Arab International Center for Entrepreneurship & Investment; which implements entrepreneurship & investment development programs in 38 countries.

<span style='font-size: 14px;'><b>MR.   Ahmed Elgendy</b></span>
MR. Ahmed Elgendy
Current Company: Social Fund For Developement in Egypt (SFD)

Head of Entrepreneurship Department – Egyptian Social Fund for Developenemt (SFD)

<span style='font-size: 14px;'><b>Mr. Alex Hawat </b></span>
Mr. Alex Hawat
Current Company: MEVP

Alex’s experience spans from technology and software development to investment banking and equity investments. Prior to MEVP, Alex was a Financial Advisor, covering investments in US technology equity. Previously, Alex was a Private Equity Senior Associate at Jadwa Investment covering the MENA region.

<span style='font-size: 14px;'><b>Mr. Ameer Hassan Abubakr</b></span>
Mr. Ameer Hassan Abubakr
Current Company: UNIDO

Has over 25 years of experience in Entrepreneurship Consultancy. Participated in conducting training and consulting for several multinational & local organizations such as UNIDO, ILO, World Bank, Arab Science & Technology Foundation and others.

<span style='font-size: 14px;'><b>Mrs. Douja Gharbi</b></span>
Mrs. Douja Gharbi
Current Company: LinXeO

Mrs. Douja Gharbi is a well established entrepreneur in Tunisia with a strong community development motivation. She started her own business in 1996 in the manufacturing sector and since then always promoted and implemented innovative marketing ideas and production processes with a focus on export to European Markets. She has founded 5 companies and joint ventures and she has participated in a number of international export and investment fairs.

<span style='font-size: 14px;'><b>Mrs. Dominique Aquino-Ybera</b></span>
Mrs. Dominique Aquino-Ybera
Current Company: UNIDO – AICEI

She works in UNIDO as a business counselor for the past six years. Her job entails developing and enhancing entrepreneurs’ capabilities, and assisting the growth of enterprises. She also organizes and facilitates the Enterprise Development & Investment Promotion (EDIP) program of Arab International Centre for Entrepreneurship & Investment (AICEI) where she handles and trains participants in entrepreneurial competencies, opportunity identification, and business planning.

<span style='font-size: 14px;'><b>Miss. Eman Bu-Rashid</b></span>
Miss. Eman Bu-Rashid
Current Company: Keynotes Consultants

Founder and CEO of Keynotes Consultants, a marketing consultancy, and OnePointSix, a marketing agency.
A Certified Consultant with the world renowned Duct Tape Marketing of USA, providing a simple, practical and systemic approach to helping SMEs grow their business. Provided marketing consultancy to many SMEs in various sectors, including trading, finance, transportation, consultancy, training, food and beverages, etc.

<span style='font-size: 14px;'><b>Mr. Hasan Omar  </b></span>
Mr. Hasan Omar
Current Company: Palestine ICT Incubator

As the CEO of the Palestinian Business and Innovation Center, and a founding executive member of the first ICT incubator in Palestine [PICTI] in 2004, Mr. Omar has contributed greatly to the infrastructure of this establishment in Palestine.
Drawing from his extensive experience and knowledge in entrepreneurship and innovation, providing technical, business, and marketing advisory and coaching services to hundreds of ICT high-growth start-ups and MSMEs.

<span style='font-size: 14px;'><b>Mr. Maytham Abbas  </b></span>
Mr. Maytham Abbas
Current Company: Kuwait Finance House Bahrain

Maytham Abbas is a finance Professional with experience working in credit risk management (transactional and portfolio level), investment and consulting roles.

<span style='font-size: 14px;'><b>Dr. Mohamad Sraje </b></span>
Dr. Mohamad Sraje
Current Company: General Union of Arab Chambers

An Expert in Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSE)
Certified institutional Performance Expert (CIPE), Senior Economic Researcher and In Charge of Arab and Joint Chambers

<span style='font-size: 14px;'><b>Mrs. Nesrine El Kasty </b></span>
Mrs. Nesrine El Kasty
Current Company: UNIDO EDIP Lebanon

International & Comparative Economist,
with 17 years of experience in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship.

Currently working at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) as Business Counselor of ”Enterprise Development and Investment Promotion” program
for Lebanon.

<span style='font-size: 14px;'><b>Dr. Nicolas Rouhana </b></span>
Dr. Nicolas Rouhana
Current Company: Berytech

Nicolas is the Executive Director of Berytech Technological Pole, a Business Innovation & Incubation Center in Lebanon. He joined Berytech since its inception in 2002, counseling and mentoring Lebanese entrepreneurs in their startup ventures. He is also senior strategy & technical advisor to Berytech Fund, a seed/VC-fund investing in Lebanese technology start-ups since 2008.

Nicolas is also Associate Professor at the Saint-Joseph University (USJ) in Beirut where he lectures computer networking and entrepreneurship courses to undergraduates and graduates students at the Faculty of Engineering (ESIB).

<span style='font-size: 14px;'><b>Mr. Ozan Sönmez </b></span>
Mr. Ozan Sönmez
Current Company: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Ozan Sönmez is currenly running the VentureLab, the first of its kind Accelerator in Saudi Arabia in the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology(KAUST). KAUST, being selected the best higher education institute supporting entrepreneurship in the Arab World, has an Entrepreneurship Center, a Pre-Seed Fund and a Seed Fund under management.


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